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Animated Business Videos

Show your customers and clients the full potential of your products and services. Bring abstract ideas to life through the power of animated video.

Check out our video

Fun fact: This is the first video we ever produced! That’s also why it’s in Dutch, but don’t worry: You can turn on subtitles.

Why animated video?

Animated video has specific traits that make it uniquely suitable for certain types of products, services and businesses.

Abstract visualization

Not all that your business has to offer might fit in a real video, image or text. Animation gives the full flexibility of visualization to show the function of for example software, customized projects and specific services.

Easily available

With modern internet speeds, video has become very easy to view and share. Animated video especially, since the lack of unnecessary elements on screen has low bandwith and data requirements.

Naturally accessible

Video fits with how humans evolved to absorb and process information: Audiovisually. This makes it easier to understand and keep in memory. That’s why we focus on high quality video animation and audio.

sample of Our work

The below video contains a selection of several of the videos we’ve produced so far. This should give a comprehensive impression of what we can do for your business.

how we price our videos

The work that is required for the production of an animated video differs based on several aspects, primarily: Playtime of the video, amount of customization and voice-over pricing.

To give you an estimate: For a 2 minute video of the style and quality you see in the above examples, the current standard price is €1497,- for the complete package and a finalized video.
1 minute of video comes down to €997,- for the full package.

This is an indication, and based on any preferences this might be different. If this happens to be the case, we’ll be clear about that and quote you the package price upfront. No surprises. Feel free to contact us for any questions you might have and more specific information.

Who is click animated?

Please let me introduce myself: I’m Alexander Eijzinga, owner of Click Animated. For every video I am in direct contact with you or one of your designated employees to develop the perfect animated video to achieve your goals.

For every video I pick a specific team of skilled freelancers that are specifically equiped to create the video that fits your business. I don’t do “one size fits all” production, it’s all made to fit the needs of you and your business.

A badly made video can rather damage your brand than improve branding and communication, which is obviously counterproductive. That’s why it’s imporant to look for a track record of high end video production and satisfied customers.

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